Yikes! Honest Scraps Makes a Visit Here

Scott over at The Buddha is My DJ has tagged this blog with the Honest Scraps thingy (meme, tag, mention, whatever one calls these things).


My first reaction,”What do I have to do now for this?”  It’s like awaiting some instruction from on high.

Why do these things come with this waft of “authority” or “compliance”? The sense of obligation to behave in a manner befitting an “occasion” of some sort. Yeah Ok it is not the Nobel Prize for Literature which I covet with all my heart but still. Somebody is paying attention to me. (squirm, squirm)

Please, it’s not like I don’t appreciate it because it is kind of nice. Thanks.

And on Scott’s blog he posted this to explain what this mention is about.

This award is bestowed upon a fellow blogger whose blog content or design is, in the giver’s opinion, brilliant. This award is about bloggers who post from their heart, who oftentimes put their heart on display as they write from the depths of their soul.

And then he said this about ME ME ME!!!

Sliding back into the realm of the Dharma, I bring you Enlightenment Ward. In addition to her reflections on life in the subcontinent, her own struggles with practice, the occasional poem and photograph of a blind mule, NellaLou isn’t afraid to tell it like it is and step boldly into the fray.

Maybe he should name me with the Honest Scrappy award since I seem to like to try to pick Internet fights every now and then. Or at least rile folks up to some degree.

So I’m going to pick up on that vein and name the 7 (oh there are so many more) blogs that I would bestow the Honest Scrap (or Scrappy in some cases) upon.

1. Tom Armstrong’s Homeless Tom blog. I have followed this blog since it’s inception and often been challenged by Tom’s astute viewpoint. I don’t always agree but I always pay attention here.

2. The Chaliceblog Chalice Chick and company come out fighting in their UU sort of way.

3. No Blood for Hubris The straight goods direct. Compassion with a sharp edge.

4. James Ford’s Monkey Mind blog is one of my great favorites. Intelligent, interesting and honest it always provides food for thought.

5. MonkMojo’s 1000 cuts takes on nondual and Eastern philosophy with great humor. With such titles as Pull the World Out of Your Ass and The Death Coach is the New Life Coach how can you go wrong?

6.Jordan’s Succession of Insight is one blog I read every time there is an update. His honesty and down to earth words I really appreciate.

7. a raft blog by Ashin Sopaka is like an oasis in the midst of all the hurly-burly. or like a raft

OK I am adding one more which I read all the time too.

8. We Angry Buddhists Harry tells it the way it is then deletes his blog a bunch of times but if one is fortunate enough to catch a glimpse of what he writes between deletions then you’ll really get something interesting here.

Well I’ve chosen only Buddhist or philosophical or political sorts of blogs since that is the gist of this blog of mine here that Scott named. And really I could have put about 20 more on this list but them’s the rules.

And now I’m supposed to tell you 10 honest things about myself. OK

1. I have never owned a car or had a driver’s license. Once I got a learner’s license and I can drive in an emergency but I’ve never felt it necessary.

2. Sometimes I smoke cigarettes. But I mentioned that in my last post.

3. As a kid I got sent to one of those “accelerated learning centers” That is where I learned about classism, racism, the snobbery of the intelligentsia and that my family was poor. I was 10.

4. I don’t like a lot of physical contact with strangers. That means don’t hug me or kiss me on the cheek unless you know me real well. That may be why India suits me in a small way. There’s not a lot of that here.

5. I didn’t have a date for the prom.

6. I rarely listen to music any more.

7. Cricket is my favorite spectator sport though I used to go to Canadian football games (we had season tickets) and enjoyed those a lot too

8.In my senior years I intend to retire to a Buddhist nunnery. But I may finish a PHD first.

9. Writing is the only occupation/activity I have done consistently. Always for love and not money. Though I’ve had hundreds (probably, I never really counted) of jobs.

10. I have a naive belief in a social Utopia but I know I’ll never see it in my lifetime.

So that’s a bunch of stuff which probably means absolutely nothing to anyone but me. And even that is questionable since I don’t think about any of this on any sort of regular basis.

Here’s the rules for those people I’ve poked with this according to Scott’s post..

Moreover, the rules clearly state that I need to (1) brag about it, (2) choose a minimum of seven blogs that I find brilliant, and (3) list ten honest things about myself.

I’ve complied with the requirements. You also must comply!!! Else you will be assimilated or enlightened or something! (Which is worse?)

2 comments on “Yikes! Honest Scraps Makes a Visit Here

  1. Congrats on the award, and thanks for the follow-up Emmy.

    I deleted ‘We Angry Buddhists’ by mistake one time (I was trying to delete another blog that wasn’t doing anything). I deleted the ‘One Bright Pearl’ Shobogenzo blog because I’m combining it with ‘We Angry…’ now.

    I may have deleted WAB one other time as well… I really can’t remember why??? Maybe too many repressed memories coming up on it or something!



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