Chronicles of Buddhist Practice 8

This time I’m going to bring to your attention some good blogs by Buddhist teachers, monks and nuns.

AMIDA-JI RETREAT TEMPLE ROMANIA-interesting blog by Josho Adrian Cirlea. Available in English and Romanian

Bhikkhu-not updated for some time but contains some good information and Dharma talks

Clear Mind Zen-Clear Mind Zen is the ramblings of a retired Zen priest as his subtitle states.

from dakini valley-a Buddhist nun in the Tibetan tradition addresses life from a remote area of Arizona

Jade Mountains – Practice within the Order of Buddhist Contemplatives. Rev. Mugo gives commentary with kindness and gentle humor

The Nenju– Rev. Harry Gyokyo – a minister of the Buddhist Churches of America (BCA)

Robert Aitken has started a new blog.

Noah Levine keeps a blog that he doesn’t seem to write much in at Huffington Post.  Maybe he’s just getting started with it.

silly nun-Theravedan nun named phalanyani living in Spain. Very unassuming and honest reflections

Truth is Within a western Theraveda monk in Thailand. Good sense of humor

Some Official Websites

Jodo Shu-Pure Land Buddhism in Japan

Naropa Univeristy-Buddhist inspired contemplative education

Ninna-ji-head temple of the Omura sub-school of Shingon Buddhism

Soto Shu-Soto Zen in Japan

By NellaLou

2 comments on “Chronicles of Buddhist Practice 8

  1. Thank you for pointing that out. I’ve corrected that entry.That’s what happens when one multitasks on the Internet. Loss of focus.

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