Spiritual Tourism-Introduction and Some Practical Matters

I am planning to do a lot of posts about spiritual tourism, especially in India. I will include links and tips. Some of the past posts I’ve done have been categorized in this way. Just check the categories along the sidebar for Spiritual Tourism (or click that link) or on the Articles page for the complete list.

Here’s the first thing that you might like to know.

World Hum-Travel Dispatches from a Shrinking Planet has a How-To Section article How to Use a Squat Toilet which can be useful in Indian travel.

One comment on “Spiritual Tourism-Introduction and Some Practical Matters

  1. NellaLou, these posts on India are wonderful. It is a personal dream to go there before I leave this lifetime and, as such, I literally soak up any personal account information in order to expand my internal vision and vicariously “be” there. I feel excitement, joy and a sense of deep familiarity (home) when experiencing most things “Indian”.

    Many thanks.


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