Chronicles of Personal Practice 7

Would like to bring to your attention the work of another group of fine bloggers on Buddhist topics. Am including blogs with a somewhat scholarly focus as well since quite a bit of the information in them is relevant to Buddhist practice in terms of interpretation. So I guess the term practice here has evolved to include personal religious practice and personal scholarly practice towards understanding of Dharma.


C4Chaos-(hyper)streaming with passion and compassion is the subtitle of this eclectic blog

Clarity’s blog– -Wisdom and confusion of a Slovenian Shambhala Buddhist is the subtitle to this interesting blog

deathpower- scholar Eric W. Davis discusses life and death and Buddhist issues related to Cambodia and the world.

dhammarati-Friends of the Western Buddhist Order member. Interesting charts and information

dharma::vision by Amadeus-extensive blog site with great links

Dharmanomics-posts related to Economics from a Buddhist perspective

Earthling Blues– Bill is trying practicing “the Quaker way of life in the context of Buddhist philosophy and meditation.” which makes for an interesting combination.

The Interdependent – translator and scholar Adam Pearcey maintains an informational blog on Tibetan Buddhism

The Irreverent Buddhist – “Writing from a Buddhist perspective on subjects from the deeply personal to the thoroughly political” by Matthew

the laid.back buddhist– Joanne shares her journey

Mountain Practice- Tendai practitioner in the beautiful mountains of the Adirondacks.

My Zen Experience– Taru Sharma shares her views on Zen practice

NOT2WO | A Blog About Not Knowing– Alice from NYC writes sparkling posts on her life and practice

On Trying to be Buddhist -“As those of us who are part of the first generations of dharma students in this country reach old age…” is a quote from the post of March 7,2007. – a retired person’s view of a long practice. Connected to other very interesting blogs and articles by the same author.

Republic of T. – Black, Gay, Father, Vegetarian, Buddhist, Liberal is the subtitle T. chooses to use on his blog

Shin Ugly Blog– Paul takes us with him on his Shin Buddhist path

Solitary Retreat-multi-talented woman on her journey

there is no path-Peter Renner blogs from the beautiful Galiano Island off the coast of British Columbia Canada

Walk the Path-young Vipassana practitioner from Sweden shares his thoughts

Why Zen? – Derek Ayre practices Zen and poses the question.

Your difficulties are not obstacles on the spiritual path, they are the path.– a psychotherapist maintains this artistic and interesting blog. Great photos and presentation. This author formerly ran a blog called samsara asylum which has now been closed.

Zen Pizza- Tammy posts on diverse topics

Teachers, Monks and Nuns

Bodhi Tree Swaying– WBO teacher and organizer of Wildmind, Bodhipaksa keeps a blog about “random thoughts”

parami-woman who teaches with FWBO

Sati Saraniya– though this blog is no longer kept up it gives a view of a Buddhist nun who took up life as a solitary mendicant. One can learn about the monastic, and mendicant life from this interesting series of posts.

Suvarnaprabha-woman instructor with FWBO

By NellaLou

2 comments on “Chronicles of Personal Practice 7

  1. What a wonderful surprise, thank you.

    And most important, what a wonderful place you have created here. You are encyclopedic in scope, marvelous references and resources.

    Oh, there is much to be gleaned. Consider me a reader.


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