Chronicles of Personal Practice 6

Another great collection of Buddhist blogs. And there are still more to come. There are some specific reasons why I am collecting these which I will address in the next post.  Something Hakuin said.  In the meantime enjoy these fine writings.

Individual Blogs

Bad Buddha-Zen practitioner and ultramarathon runner from Texas shares his insights

Boobs have Feelings Too-16 year old from Malaysia on Buddhism, boys and teenage life

Bowdawg On The Mend-entertaining writing on the stuff of life

DHARMADHATU: dharmadhatu-from Netherlands

Diary Deni-Deni Surya of Bali shares his thoughts

Going For Refuge-from New York, Stephen Parks Bell discusses practice

The Impermanent Record-Dustin Eaton’s dispatches from the six realms of samsara is the subtitle.

Joseph O’Reilly – BLOG-London based Joseph is writer, activist and member of Friends of the Western Buddhist Order

MoonLight in a DewDrop-Vietnam vet discusses Buddhism and life

Odd Mountain-a peculiar place to look for enlightenment is the subtitle by this mom and knitter

Robe! Dirk’s blog from New Brunswick Canada. Buddhism and sewing.

Soraj’s Weblog-Soraj from Thailand posts about Buddhism, music and other topics

Waves and Breaks-Al from Bath, England on diverse topics

Write and Ron – about Zen, Life, and Self-development-Ronald from Los Angeles practices Chan Buddhism

Yo mama’s a Buddha-Zen practitioner in Chicago discusses his life’s issues

Zen’s Sekai I – by Land…-Kung Fu Sifu on Chan practice, Shaolin and martial arts

Group Blogs

Echoes of the Name-4 authors vigorously discuss Buddhist issues

Liquid Zen-about Zen and paddling

Teachers, Monks and Nuns

abisko Senshin Mats Fredriksson blogging from Sweden

Aloha Sangha-Buddhism for the postmodern mind.

Dharma Forest-Rev. Heng Sure a vegan, and an American Buddhist Monk.

Kagyu Samten Chöling-blogging on a three year retreat

Musing-Buddhist teacher in Los Angeles

By NellaLou

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