Chronicles of Personal Practice 5

Starting out the new year with a continuation of additions to the blogroll. Had a good amount of time to gather and read so in a couple more posts I will put up more. Am thinking to do a more detailed classification of things along the side and on the links directory page (they are both the same-the page is automatically generated with a template). The further detail though has been a toss up between dividing the lists into schools, locations or gender of writer. I’ve decided on the latter for the individuals and schools for the teachers. Those who are in an indeterminate state or who don’t identify (either gender-wise or school-wise) will remain in the general catagory.

Now that there’s getting to be quite a few of these listings am considering plopping them into a database and multiply categorizing and coming up with a nice, easy to update table that I can stick on a page of its own. We’ll see how it goes. Someone at Buddhaworld (same person who runs The Buddha is My DJ blog) gave these listings a plug so thanks you. Hope they are useful for folks.


Budding Buddhist-a mother gives her take on practice, the world and other interesting topics.

The Careless Hand-Bernie Simon writes in an interesting and sometimes very humorous way in this blog (and in comments around other’s blogs as Jinzang)

Dharmacore-A 20 something guy from Austin Texas writes about Buddhism for the web generation in the style of Noah Levine and Brad Warner. Also links to a community forum for modern young Buddhists

Enlighten Up-Home of the Buddhist Blogger and the Enlighten Up Podcast is the subtitle

The Flatbed Sutra of Louie Wing: The Second Ancestor of Zen in the West-Ted Biringer’s delightful work

High Plains Buddhist-a South Dakota lawyer’s thoughts on modern life

Many Flakes One Bowl-Gordon Eaton discusses Dharma and daily life

Mercurious-thought provoking blog from Minnesota

Peace Paul\’s Weblog-Experiments in Compassionate Living is the sub-title here

Ron Hardy’s Blog-fine original writing

Sangha2go-new to Buddhism, Les has started his first blog to explore his discovery

This is This-a BBC journalist writes about his life. Great observations and wit

Wizard Smoke-a chatty wizard discusses spirituality, martial arts and related matters

Group Blogs

Buddha Jones-with a somewhat, though not exclusively Nichiren focus this interesting (both in words and design) sometimes irreverent blog is worth a look. The subtitle is “Nichiren Buddhism with a Question Mark”

Every Day is a Good Day-Cherielyn and Yuiheng give an interesting perspective from Singapore

Teachers, Monks and Nuns

Ashin Mettacara-a Buddhist monk from Burma blogging news and commentary from inside that country

dhamma musings-a monk for 32 years Shravasti Dhammika in Singapore presents enjoyable commentary. I just read the latest post about Hair which includes a Buddhist history of hair. Quite interesting.

Perspectives-Zen teacher David Rynick is a UU member as well as being a life and leadership coach.

Reflections of Reflections-western Tibetan Buddhist nun reflects on her life and practice

Rigpa’s Ramblings-a Tibetan Buddhist monk from the west practicing in the States. Interesting perspectives and personal experiences

Scurrilous Monk-Rev. Fudo Michael Koppang gives practical down to earth advice and teachings. Though this blog hasn’t been updated for quite some time it is very worthwhile to browse through the past archives.

Slipping Glimpser-Zenshin Florence Caplow’s new blog

Sweet Not Always-the writer is a former Peace Corps volunteer and a Buddhist nun. She is currently undergoing intensive treatment for serious illness and is documenting the journey.

By NellaLou

2 comments on “Chronicles of Personal Practice 5

  1. Thanks so much for linking me! I just posted some new Buddhist related cartoons. You’re on my blogroll now and I will be sure to keep up with your lovely site. Thanks! Angela, Downward Facing Blog

  2. Came upon this quite by random. I am married to Scurrilous Monk. He has not written much for quite a few years because he has been very ill…living day by day has become hard.

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