Chronicles of Personal Practice 4

Well trying to organize the bookmarks so I thought I’d get the rest of those great blogs mentioned here now. Am updating all the links with descriptive categories so things can be accessed more quickly. I will scan them on a regular basis to insure their currency so anyone looking for Buddhist information, news or on-line community at least will have a place to start here on the Links Directory page.

Here are some more sites of note:

Individual Blogs

21awake – authentic Buddhist practice in the 21st century-young practitioner in London

A Buddhist Catholic Blog-Buddhism and Catholicism do mix

The Buddha Diaries-by PeterAtLarge who is a contributor to a number of group blogs

the buddha is my dj-religion, politics, pop-culture, music, and the Buddha

Buddha Space-a Buddhist Britisher living in Thailand

Coffee Shop Dharma-Alaskan woman into Buddhism, body-mods and many topics

The Diary Of A New Buddha-personal practice from England

Dhamma Reflections-Theraveda practice in Florida

Dreaming of Danzan Ravjaa-Mongolian connections

Forest Wisdom-by the same author as Buddha Space

In Pursuit of Mysteries-interesting mix of Buddhist and technology posts

Jayarava’s Raves-practitioner of the Western Buddhist Order

The Middle Way-Buddhist practice from Australia

Political Buddhism-Exploring the political implications of the Tipitaka (Pali Canon) and Buddhist belief.

Tara Dharma … Out of the Lotus-Dharma and everyday life

Tattoozen-punk Zen from an opinionated tattooist. Good stuff! on the Buddhist way

Upon The Path-Gregor’s blog on his practice

Virtual Zendo-new blog by new Buddhist

Vitakka Vicar-Thai Forest Tradition is discussed

When This Is, That Is-thoughts of a householder

Wisdom through Mindfulness-Dr. Piyal Walpola of Toronto Canada give information and comment on mindfulness

Group Blogs

Dharma Folk-diverse and interesting viewpoints

Moonpointer-the new site includes various topics. Also links to the old site with thousands of posts

One Sangha »-a group of Buddhist clergy and others from diverse viewpoints

Teacher and Monks Blogs

Dhamma Diary-Theravadin Thai Forest Tradition monk practicing in England

The Necessary Condition is Love: WELCOME-David Brazier (aka Dharmavidya) of the Amida Trust and Friends of Amida Pure Land group

By NellaLou