Chronicles of Personal Practice 3

There are so many great blogs about Buddhism out there that I have to mention some more. Have made a separate Links Directory page here that lists all that appear in these posts of mention.

Group Blogs

Ecological Buddhism Blog-on ecology and sustainability from the Buddhist perspective

Individual Blogs

Advice From Abushri-a self-described meditator discusses the politics of compassion

American Buddhist Perspective-One of a number of blogs by Justin Whitaker who is a prolific and interesting writer

Breathe-Zen student’s notes with some nice photos

Buddha Dharma, Western Words-Kyle, who is a frequent contributor to  Progressive Buddhism has his own blog as well

Buddhist in Nebraska-midwestern Buddhist college student

Buddhist Ethics-Justin Whitaker’s blog that accompanies his PhD studies in Buddhist Ethics

Dharma Cake :: Human Thoughts for Human Times-Buddhism and the things of life

Dharmayogi’s Blog-a chronicle of meditation practice

Dharma Brother Pete-10 year practitioner who also has interest in yoga

Full Contact Enlightenment-giving some news, reviews and personal commentary on practice

He Not Busy Being Born Is Busy Dying-fellow in recovery writing on his journey

lotusinthemud– Pure Land Buddhist Sujatin’s writings. Includes a lot of information and links to the Amida Trust and Amida community and announcements of events.

No Blood for Hubris-a no-holds-barred card-carrying Buddhist with a feminist political stance. One of my favorites for outspoken kick ass-ed-ness.

peaceful turmoil-a guy sharing his thoughts

Progressive Pure Land Buddhism-new blog from a practitioner in Singapore

sonofmiizii-writing with a mix of punk, Buddhism, Native American culture and skateboarding

The Zennist-one of my favorite blogs. Don’t really know if this person is a student or teacher but since they don’t state they are a teacher I am assuming student.

Teacher’s Blogs

A Monk Amok-this teacher has ordained as a Tibetan teacher and Bikkhu. His synchretic approach is one I especially appreciate

Bhikkhu’s Blog-Theraveda monk’s insightful and intelligent blog. The analysis of current economic issues is really interesting

Chán Poetry-writing by the teacher who also runs the Zen Mirror blog

DhammaBum-site is named “a raft” and is by a Buddhist monk, Ashin Sopaka, in Myanmar

Go Drink Tea-subtitled koans for everyday use this blog is brought to you by the teacher who runs the Ox Herding blog.

joan halifax’s Blog -not updated for some time perhaps due to her injury’s healing time but an interesting perspective

Making Monks-a newly ordained Shingon Buddhist keen to cultivate Buddhism everywhere

Ox Herding-a Bodhisattva Teacher in the lineage of Zen Master Seung Sahn

The Wheel of Dharma-chaplain in training. Facilitator for Queer Sangha in New York

Zen Mirror-Zen teacher’s blog with commentary and fine poetry

Zen Women-blog by the same teacher who runs the Ox Herding blog

There are about this many more links I have collected over the past few months but that’s too much for one post so I’ll do another for those as well. Plenty to enjoy and digest here.

By NellaLou

2 comments on “Chronicles of Personal Practice 3

  1. Thanks for providing a link to my site, Marnie! I am happy to have stumbled upon yours.

    All the best,

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