Chronicles of Personal Practices 2

Have come across more very interesting blogs on personal Buddhist practices. So here’s an additional listing.

Also have separated out the blogs that belong to teachers, priests and monks in the blogroll along the right side here.

Personal Practices

Zen – The Possible Way Markus “Uku” Laitinen gives us his perspective from Finland

Water Dissolves Water A 50-something practitioner reflects on life and practice

Homeless Tom Tom is currently dealing with a difficult life situation and blogging his experience from a Buddhist viewpoint

Diary of a Bad Buddhist Amusing, intelligent and self-insightful commentary from a woman in academia.

Notes in Samsara Politics, Culture, American Buddhism, Economics, and Technology is the subtitle with sharp and insightful commentary on each

Reality, anyone? Roman from the Czech Republic give us his perspective on Zen Buddhism

Slow Zen: Asura Dharma Jordan, a self-described Buddhist Zealot reflects on tea, flutes and all things Buddhist

One Bright Pearl Discussion of Shobogenzo, Dogen and related matters from a practitioner

Zazen の ローレン (now renamed Whitebelt Zen at the same web address-Jan 9,2009) Lauren’s personal blog on Zen Buddhism and daily life

Teacher, Monk and Priest Blogs

Monkey Mind James Ishmael Ford is a Unitarian Universalist minister and Soto Zen priest who provides an interesting perspective on his spiritual life and daily life in the world

The Stupid Way Peter is a Zen Buddhist priest and translator living in Japan

Rev. Danny Fisher Both news and personal commentary by a Buddhist chaplain

the leaf Jundo Cohen offers daily Internet-assisted Zazen sits on his blog as well as commentary

Wild Fox Zen Dosho Port writes great articles relating the contemporary times to traditional Zen Buddhism. Also offers learning resources.

Group Blogs

Buddhist Military Sangha Buddhism in the military including challenges and chaplaincy

Flapping Mouths Group of Buddhists including teachers discuss issues

Dharma Crumbs Buddhist related matters from a group. Includes great modern poetry and stories.

unseen dharamsala A group of Tibetan refugees including monks discuss their lives in exile in India. They give wonderful photos and personal biographies. There are also links to each of their individual blogs and stories told through their photographs. This project was sponsored by a non-profit arts group.

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