Important Not Important

Was making a vicious fashion statement yesterday with my socks in my sandals. Someone I know could not stop mentioning this to me as if it was something very important. So I started thinking about what is and is not important and made a little chart to help myself figure it out.

Important Not Important
Declaration of War Declaration of Fashion War
Literacy The Latest Wired/Tired column
Nutrition Truffles
Life Extension Hair Extensions
Self-sufficiency Cell Phone Sufficiency
Good Advice Good Advertising
Humor Whining
Honest Journalism Propaganda
Controversy WWF Wrestling
Trust Lust
Weather Whether mascara will run in the rain
Fascist Icon Fashion Icon
Bronchoscope Horoscope
Consciousness Conferences
Ethics Gossip

This is my personal list at the moment. Everyone’s list is different. I wish I could come up with some kind of rating system for each one but that would take more time than I have and this list is actually not too important in itself. Just some kind of exercise in Boolean ethical logic or some new po-mo construction.


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